This was a project undertaken as part of a team when I worked at Jason Bruges Studio.

Show time is comprised of over 2000 single colour shutter LCDs. Placed over the main entrance to the Matthew Knight Arena, this 8m by 5m serrated surface mirrors the flow of play on the main basketball court. Green and yellow panels echo the Oregon Ducks' team colours.

I specified the electrical system for this from control hardware through driver board specification and including fibre video links for the main camera suspended from the centre scoreboard. I wrote the backend software and interface between the artwork and stadium scoreboard system. This included a fully featured test mode allowing for computer vision development in the absence of a live feed.

The software was written in openFrameworks and uses Lucas-Kanade optical flow methods from openCV.

The videos below were taken on an old iPhone and aren't the greatest quality but they show the piece in action. The first shows the piece during gameplay and the second during an interval where content reacts to the number of people entering or leaving the stadium.