A physical step sequencer in space - 7 sounds, 8 beats. Concept by Giuseppe Guerriero, code by Marek Bereza, electronics by me. Turns dance / movement into beats, samples, noise and music - a lot of fun to be inside and also to watch. Exhibited in Chappell of Bond Street (a really beautiful old music shop - actually on Wardour Street) as part of the London Design Festival.

For this I designed a central control PCB to interface between the PC and the 56 nodes and also the node itself. Presence sensing was achieved using the excellent Sharp GP2Y0D805Z0F and the signal was all cleaned up the old-fashioned way! Schmitt triggers to clean up a very slow output edge and a J-K flip-flop to toggle the node.

Stupidly I ended up hand-soldering the entire lot - this was before I had a toaster oven for SMD reflow. Roughly 4500 solder joints, by hand. With that many boards, however, some failures were inevitable. I designed and built an automated test jig for the boards based around an Arduino - saved a LOAD of time and meant that the install went without a hitch. Worth doing.