This was a project I consulted on for SOCA.

The London Dresser is a cabinet of curiosities containing iconic London buildings rendered as public seating. By day the buildings are taken out and enjoyed by the public on the South Bank. By night the dresser displays the buildings and illuminates each as a visitor approaches to view it.

I designed and produced the night-time lighting and interaction - it was conceived as a one-off, by-hand stripboard setup as the installation was temporary. The SOCA website has some beautiful films of the piece.

The project was commissioned by the Mayor of London as part of the Wonder Installations series for 2012. Lots of people worked on this including Millimetre, Wanju Kim, SOCA and University of Westminster students Hugo Bass, James Kirk and Preet Panesar. The first two photos below belong to Charles Hosea and are reproduced without permission but in good faith.