This was a project undertaken as part of a team when I worked at Jason Bruges Studio.

The digital fountain (and rills) are comprised of over 7000 single colour shutter-LCDs. Each LCD can fade from black to a reflective colour (in this case shades of blue) reflecting its surroundings differently, but not emitting any light themselves. In October 2011 the piece was the subject of an article in the Evening Standard.

I specified the electrical system for this, including backend infrastructure, driver board requirements and helped manage the production and installation. In addition I wrote the generative software which drove the continuously evolving water effect and even climbed up inside the 12 metre tall tower to perform spot fixes. I designed a couple of simple PCBs for the electrical distribution and worked out how to get 12 channels of audio distributed across Westfield from a single Windows PC and interface that with the openFrameworks audio backend.

The software was written in openFrameworks and makes heavy use of point sprites and FBOs to achieve high frame rates with over 30k objects in a bespoke particle system.

The video immediately below shows some of the generative software whilst I was developing and playing around with it. It's a low FPS screen capture but it gives a general idea. The second video below belongs to Jason Bruges Studio - I have embedded it here only so you can see the piece in action.