Bright Eyes is an educational DIY kit from Technology Will Save Us. They also happen to be the most spectacular spectacles you are likely to ever lay your hands on.

Bright Eyes spectacles have 174 white LEDs arranged in an array that YOU can program. You can scroll text, animate them with slow-motion footage of lighter fuel burning (yup, did that) or put ANYTHING you like on there! Even better, once you start to understand how the glasses work (via the Arduino code) you can make them do whatever you like! Perhaps they will respond to a microphone input as a spectral analyser or spread your Twitter feed?

I wrote the SD card bootloader (so you can reprogram your Bright Eyes without any cables), the video playback firmware (so you can play video on the specs) and the initial version of the content converter (so you can take your video and put it on the specs). Lots of work has been done since by others - take a look at the Bright Eyes github.

The video below was a quick test video I did when I first got the lighter fluid demo working. The original lighter fluid footage was nabbed from Mike Harrison.