Donald and the Judds with Alex Chinneck. Fun and games with copper boxes, burglar alarms and hand-dryers. Each copper box reacts by blowing a pearlescent sphere into the air when it senses the presence of a viewer. The experience becomes a function of time, space and the actions of the viewer. Noisy and impossible to ignore - you are inevitably drawn to interact!

Alex came to me with the idea of using hand-dryers and burglar alarms to create the piece, but couldn't quite work out how to make the two work together to achieve what he wanted. It turned out to be an incredibly simple and neat hack in the end - a couple of track cuts and linking the output of the PIR to those cuts. Sometimes having a relay involved makes everything much easier.

The levitating balls were tricky - the polystyrene ones we wanted to use were too heavy to float in the upstream. In steps Tim Jenkins (a good mate and my flatmate at the time) with a Dremel to hollow them out. I think two Dremels were sacrificed to polystyrene inhalation at the time! Tim does great carpentry these days.